Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Tee for Me! :)

When I met Morgan at the Play Shop on Monday, she handed me a bag of goodies which I had no time to explore before being covered in paint. Having got home and rested, I poked around my mini suitcase and rediscovered the bag of goodies. I then spent a significant amount of time admiring a t-shirt that my lovely colleagues had ordered for me so I wouldn't feel left out of the Largo trip that they had the week before. Since I'm not feeling particular photogenic today, here's a pic of it:

It's yellow, and eye catching, and logo-ed and everything! So exciting!

Of course, next time I go anywhere on any Pop-Up Adventure Play related trip, I will be wearing my lovely new t-shirt. Very exciting! And I'm really quite chuffed that my colleagues tried to include me in their adventure :)

On a vaguely related topic, I haven't posted much about the Largo trip yet, but I hear a rumour that Pop-Up Adventure Play may be starting a new blog... maybe Largo will be featured there....? Watch this space! :)

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