Saturday, 24 March 2012

Two Mums, Three Exhibitions and a Train Ride :)

You may remember me showing you a photo of two mums happily smiling on Mother's Day. Well, inside those lovely little purple and white envelopes, there were were lots of tickets! Tickets to a craft show. Not just any craft show, but a 3 in 1 craft show in the NEC in Birmingham! Both these lovely mums had received train tickets and entry tickets to Birmingham and were chuffed to pieces!

So I've just returned from the train station having escorted them to the appropriate train. Very exciting stuff actually, and they were already laughing and giggling along the way. Turns out the other mum hasn't been on a train in the UK for about 10 years. And it turns out my mum has never been to a huge show. So they're both gonna have an experience today! Here is a photo of them leaving my house:

Don't they look lovely? :) Just in case you're wondering, the mum on the right is mine :)

I'm very excited for them, and I also wish I was with them. No matter though - plenty to do and all that. I'm happy that they're happy! :) And also pretty excited cos it's so sunny outside! :)

Side note - just went to get the post and it looks like I have a wonderful list of things to tell you about for next week's Freebie Friday! So exciting! :)

Hoorah for mums and hoorah for craft shows! (And a small yay for freebies! :) )

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