Friday, 30 March 2012

A Visit to Durham :)

I'm back from my very brief trip further up north and the sun has sadly disappeared. Today was cold and it made me a little bit sad. I had a lovely little trip to Durham though to see the lovely Chikae. My primary reason for visiting was to catch up so eventhough I took my camera I didn't actually take many photos. There are a couple to share though:

Photo excitement on the train.

Durham Cathedral from the train station

A shot of the multicoloured awesomeness just before I was shooed in the cathedral - not allowed to take photos in there!

And a happy photo of me and Chikae! :)

We had a lovely time wandering around, laughing, talking and just enjoying the sun. Chikae made me some awesome marmalade ribs and shortly after that I had to rescue her from the dark. It was a fun adventure and it was great to chat up. See you again very soon Chikae, and by then I'll have to bring gifts for three people! Woooo! :)

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