Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Zan Goes Exploring: Cardiff

I decided to spend my last day in Cardiff having a good wander around. After trying for another coat of paint on the walls in the Play Shop, I found that the sun was out and everything was happy in the Welsh capital, and it made me quite smiley.

I wandered through fancy shopping arcades. They looked like the ones I found in Leeds.

I looked at miniature art.

I discovered a harp delivery!

And I made friends with a fake giant panda which was stood on a table.

All in all, I had a good day, and even though I missed my train home, I think it was still a good day, and a nice end to a very productive 3 days in Cardiff. I really like Cardiff - it seems to be a place that is more accepting than others. That's why the Pop-Up Play Shop worked there I reckon. It's a little sad that it's over (and that we have to paint over everything), but we always knew it was a temporary project, Here's hoping for many more to come! :)

Finally, here's our little goodbye to the Play Shop. Enjoy! :)

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