Sunday, 18 March 2012

Zan-pops :)

Some family friends came round for tea today and afterwards, the parents went off to have their own conversations, and I decided to hang out with their kid. Having always been an admirer of Bakerella, I thought I'd practice my cake pop making skills again. So arms with my Cake Pop Book I decided to make some little delicacies myself.

First, I made a cake, crumbled it, mixed it with some ready made frosting, then used candy coating to stick a stick in it.

Once cooled, I used some Wilton's Candy coating to cover the whole cake.

I wasn't fully prepared for cake pops because I hadn't found any polystyrene (styrofoam) to stick my pops in, so I decided to just but them back on my baking tray.

But now they look a little silly with a flat head. Haha. Bet they're yummy :)

Oh wow, I didn't realise it got so late! Guess I was having fun making cakepops! Woo! :) Now I hope my recipients enjoy their little gifts. :) Make some of your own - he's a head start with getting the ingredients together:

Hoorah for cakepop awesomeness! :)

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