Friday, 6 April 2012

Blue Cloud and Red Shell Awesomeness

Every so often, all the young people in my house come home. When I mean young people, I mean my siblings and sibling-in-laws. Those who are younger and more mobile than I!

Today, most of them have descended on the house (or perhaps ascended?) and the customary console gaming time starts. The game in question today is Mario Kart on the Wii - a game which I really quite like but am only mediocre at. They were trying to unlock some sort of special level, and I was sat to the side egging them on:

Here's the brother-in-law trying to win a race.

Whilst mocking their skills (and being a terrible back-seat gamer) I suddenly realised that I had two Mario Kart magnets, and rummaged around my room to find them. I was SO happy when I found them and fell in love with them all over again!

Blue Thunder Cloud - smiling away just before it zaps you in the race and you become small and go slow. Out of the two magnets, this one is my favourite. Because it's smiley! Happy blue cloud! :)

Red Turtle Shell - the homing missile that hits the nearest player and makes them stop.

I love these magnets! I discovered them when I was in Vancouver with my friend Alvina :) They're so nice to hold in your hand and look SOOO much like the things in the game. I had a bit of a google and found that you can buy the whole set! That includes a star and a bullet! I have to save up for all eight of them! Right now! :)

Anyway geek moment over. But super excited Zan is still super excited :D Woooo! :) 

Hope you have a happy Easter! :)

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