Sunday, 1 April 2012


Once upon a time, I tried to take a photo of a butterfly, but it was outside in a field somewhere and it didn't like to stay still. I got a lovely photo of it in the end, but it taught me a valuable lesson: don't take photos of butterflies unless you're ready to run around:

It's a pretty one eh? :)

Today, I was very lucky. My mum told me there was a big fuzzy bumble bee in the greenhouse, so I headed down there to take a photo of it. Yes, yes, I know, I really like bumble bees so I took a risk, but when I got there, I found something completely different, and was really very happy :)

The little butterfly was just sat in the greenhouse, wondering where to go next and I thought I'd take the chance for some photos. Hello there! :) No running required for this little beauty - it was in the greenhouse just minding it's own business.

I found Mr Bumble Bee in the end, chilling out in a corner. I think it was tired from all the attempts of breaking free from the greenhouse. It just kept bumping into the glass. I helped it out by setting it free, and then tried to free my little butterfly, but it wasn't really very bothered by anything. It just sat on the glass, chilling, and enjoying the last few rays of sunshine on this cool Spring Sunday afternoon.

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