Friday, 20 April 2012

Freebie Friday - food, toothpaste and more seeds!

It's Freebie Friday again! A celebration of my weekly freebies! It also marks the end of a very hectic week. Wooo! I didn't get lots of stuff again but I have some wonderful acquisitions:

Here is a photo of one packet of tomato seeds and two tubes of toothpaste: one came in the post, and the other one was given to me by my dentist! Maybe he's psychic and knows I like free stuff. But then again, who doesn't? :) I will be growing those tomatoes I think. On my window sill. Where my sweetcorn used to be.

My lovely friend Shazia sent me a voucher (top left of top photo) for two free Graze boxes. I've seen adverts for this around and had never tried one before, so you can only imagine how excited and happy I was when my first one came. It's so awesome. Thank you so much Shazia! :)

So now I have so much toothpaste, I won't need to buy any for a while. I have another Graze box coming in the post tomorrow, so that's gonna be great to look forward to. I'm so chuffed that my friends think of me when they see free things. Hahaha. Yay! A big hoorah for free things and a huge yay for awesome friends! :)

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