Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Home for My Recipes :)

Since I've started baking, I've accumulated so many bits of paper from so many different sources that I keep loosing them and then being sad when I can't find it again. So having spent some time thinking about it, I've decided that it is time! So today, I set about making some recipe cards.

I rediscovered some postcard sized coloured card that my friend Fiona bought be ages ago, and I thought - how handy! :)

I gathered all the equipment that I thought I might need. Forgot my pen though!

Here are my designs! I thought I'd keep them simple, especially because they could potentially get covered in flour the next time I use them. But having that little burst of colour through the white is quite nice!

I wrote my recipes (mostly just ingredients) on the big white bit with reminders about time and temperature. The little white bit was used for the title of each baking creation! Oh, and I used my star hole punch for the corner. Didn't photograph that either. Dearie me.

Here are some of the completed cards. I particularly like my really bad drawings.

And there are some of the cards on the ring thing. I want to say ring binder, but that's not right. Just "recipe card holding hoop". That's what it's called from now on. Anyway - it's quite nice eh?

So there we go. My recipe cards. The "recipe card holding hoop" is very easy to open and close so I can add loads of cards to it if I want! I like the bright colours most. And now all the bits of paper that I had can go into the blue bin, ready for recycling! Hoorah! :)

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