Thursday, 26 April 2012

Homemade Brioche!

My baking adventures has expanded over the last couple of months. I'm quite proud of myself since I've been baking stuff that I didn't think were within my ability! There has always been one ingredient that I've avoided because it was scary and I thought I might do it all wrong. And that ingredient is.... yeast! But yesterday, having taken the plunge and handed in my dissertation, I thought I'd take another leap of faith and try to bake something new. So I decided to make brioche!

This one is in 8 pieces and has little bits of fig hidden inside each segment, like a delicious treasure!

This one has lots of cranberries rolls into each segment - it's like a tear and share!

Here they both are! I'm so proud! They came out of the tin and everything!

Just so you know, I used a combination of Hairy Biker ingenuity, and BBC Good Food awesomeness.

I still can't quite believe that I made loaves of brioche and they tasted good! Mum and Dad both said that it was lovely and soft and not as sweet as the shop bought stuff and better because of it. Uncle has been munching happily since this morning - the loaf one is almost gone!

This is the beginning of my adventures with yeast! Next time: bread! Oh yes. :) WOOO!

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