Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's Getting There.

I had a nice chat with my tutor about my dissertation today. With the deadline approaching fast, I was happy to hear that, apart from the hundreds of little tweaks I needed to do, my dissertation looked alright! In a bid to prepare for the crazy printing and binding day, a couple of my classmates and I went to visit the uni-approved printing shop where we had a little nosey, asked a few questions and took a very important photo:

Now we can calculate just how much it'll cost to print and bind our dissertations! Woooo! :) I know it seems a little sad, but it was my genius idea of the day, especially because they didn't have a price list to give out or anything!

I estimate that I'll need around £30 to print both copies of my dissertation. I think I might print it there too because they'll use better paper. The paper at my house is slightly yellow and a bit thin - I want this to be awesome looking cos it's the best thing I've produced since.... I don't think I've ever produced anything I'm so proud of.

Just a couple of proof reads needed, some more tweaking, and my precious dissertation will be ready to go public. Argh! Pretty nervous to be honest with you! But it feels good to be near the end. :)

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