Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Earth Week Awesomeness

Pop-Up Adventure Play loves Earth Week. I'm not surprised really because Pop-Up Adventure Play is all about reusing or reclaiming every day materials for play! And if it's not wanted after play, we send all the played materials on to recycling heaven!

In celebration of Earth week, Pop-Up Adventure Play is very excited to announce two different play events in two different cities:

Austin, TX
Día del Niño Verde/ Kid’s Green Day - A Green Festival all about promoting a greener, healthier lifestyle among multicultural Austin families. The plan for the day looks awesome, so if you're in the area on Saturday, you really have to go check it out for me! :)

Westchester, NY
Family Fun Day - An afternoon of creative, fun, eco-conscious play with healthy food too! If there's food promised, I bet it'll be fun! If you're around in the Westchester area this coming Sunday, you should definately go poke around for me! :)

I'm very excited about these events. I only wish they were there to join in! I need a photo to add to this post... erm...

This one highlights cycling as part of a healthier, greener lifestyle as well as playing with a reclaimed wok with bits of cloth, pasta and wooden pegs are joyeous, green activities!

Hope you enjoy Earth Week, and discover many more ways for healthier, greener play! :)

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