Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Pop-Up Moment

Having not really talked about Pop-Up Adventure Play very much recently, I thought I'd put up a post. It's all still been happening, but I've had to remove myself a little from work to concentrate on my dissertation which is due in at the end of the month. Very exciting times, but it's busy, and crammed full with ideas - some of which are good, some of which are crazy.

But anyway, Pop-Up Adventure Play have been busy! We have started up a brand new blog, which is super awesome. I'll screenshot it for you and link you up! :)

It's still early days for our blog - we still need to work on having regular posts and stuff. But soon! It will be in full flow and it will be awesome and we can tell you all about our adventures! :)

We also received wonderful news from the newly closed Pop-Up Play Shop. Remember a few months ago I was on a bit of a mission to get you all to sign a petition to save the Shop? Well, we were finally granted 100% Council Tax exemption for the shop and we're chuffed. Here is a link to Morgan's blogpost about it all, and here is a photo of how excited I feel:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my friends and family who have supported me and my organisation throughout the crazy council tax thing. You were all lovely, and offered me support eventhough you weren't even very sure what was happening! You're all so great and I feel blessed to know I have a wonderful batch of friends following my progress in work :)

Hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Play, hoorah for the Pop-Up Play Shop, and a huge HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who thinks that what we're doing is awesome! You are all awesome too! :)


  1. THANK YOU honey! You have been an absolute trooper through the whole thing, coming down and staffing it AND getting people on board with the petition!

    You're right, you got a whole lot of support from people who weren't necessarily that clear on what was happening (friends and family, we love you) and I think this just shows that they WERE very clear what they were supporting, and that thing was YOU.

    Thanks again, and thanks to all the readers of Zan Play!

    1. You are far too kind my dear Morgan! YOU were the one who did ALL of the work. The sheer amounts of people that supported you was immeasurable! You kept this all together - you should be one proud lady :)


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