Monday, 9 April 2012

Round Up of Easter :)

It's been a very nice Easter, so I thought I'd share with you some of the images that have made me happy :)

My sweetcorn seedlings got very big and have now been transferred from their small pots on my window sill to the comfy world of our greenhouse. Look after yourselves my little sweetcorns! :)

After much thought and excitement, I finally opened my Easter egg and LOOK! My surprise was a plane! :) It made me so happy :) And Dad enjoyed playing with it a lot more than me! :)

Here are the cards I gave to congratulate my friends as they got baptised yesterday. It was also nice that the baptism brought so many of my friends and family together too - not seen them all together for a long time! :) It was a wonderful way to spend my Easter Sunday :)

A fun side note from Easter weekend comes in the form of a surprise in a rather long mention on my awesome friend and colleague Morgan's blog. I have strong opinions about glitter, what can I say? :)

It's been a nice long weekend. I guess I'll be back to normal tomorrow. And by "normal" I mean "typing", and by "back to" I mean "carrying on". Wooo! :)

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