Saturday, 14 April 2012

There's Always Room for Pudding :)

You may have figured out that I love making desserts. Or pudding, as they're called round here. It's a recent hobby - ever since responsibilities at home asked for a less active pass time. Last night I made jaffa cakes, which turned out surprisingly well and it got me thinking - what other sweets have I made?

Last night's jaffa cakes.

Rainbow jelly

Mini apple pie lattices

Jelly. How can you go wrong with lots of them?

The simple fairy cake

Banana muffins.

These are the photos of stuff you haven't seen. We can't forget that there was that huge apple pie, Mrs Beeton's biscuits, the oreo adorned cakes in purple cases, more fairy cakes in multicoloured cases, and the cake pops!? Can't forget those! Those mentioned are some of the highlights of my baking adventures. Funnily enough, these adventures have not always ended well, but I've learnt so much! And had lots of fun! And surprisingly, haven't gained any weight from these experiments! Haha! Hoorah for making and baking! :)

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