Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zan Goes Exploring: Near Gargrave

I decided that I needed a bit of a break from my dissertation, so I drove up to see the lovely Morgan who had come up to near my end to visit her parents for a little while. I dragged her away from normal-ness to have an crazy afternoon adventure around the countryside with me. Here is what we discovered:

A lovely little sweetshop that had a sweet little cafe.

The best sign I have ever come across to do with children and play.

There was an amazing playground too - complete with wooden, climbable tractor, plane, ship and castle!

Lovely lovely locally made icecream in a tiny little pot. With fake cows in the background.

Some very big, very talkative turkeys.

A majestic looking ruined tower. Very pretty and truly awesome!

We also completely fell in lovely with a flock of tiny lambs and had to help chase some sheep back into a field that they had escaped from. And we had some cake. :)

I had a lovely little adventure with Morgan. It was nice to have a little break and get away as well as have some quality time with a good friend. And who woulda known there were so many hidden secrets near Gargrave? :D Hoorah for adventures! :)

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