Friday, 18 May 2012

Freebie Friday - chocolate, whiskey and play related things

I was quite amused when I realised that my adventures away from home always brought me back home in time to do my freebie friday post. I quite enjoy telling you all about my free things as well. I must just like showing off. Hahaa. Anyway, I'm impressed with this week's freebies, especially compared to last week...

Here we have a tiny little bottle of whiskey, a peanut butter kitkat chunky, a playwales lanyard complete with misspelt badge and a really handy pocket-sized version of the Playwork Principles.

I think I'm totally happy with this week's freebies cos they actually relate to what I do. Okay, perhaps not the whiskey (I have no idea what I'm gonna do with that) and maybe not the kitkat (my next snack I think!) but a tiny copy of the playwork principles complete with useful quotes and interesting contact details? It has to be the most playful freebie I've had yet! Although, talking to some of the people at the conference over the past couple of days, they would say otherwise, but hey! That's the subject of another post. 

In the meantime - look at my freebies! I also have a Play England pen somewhere, and the playwork department at Leeds Met has wonderfully branded me with my very own hoody, which is a tiny bit too awesome to be on the blog post today. I might have to give it back which is why I'm not going to post it up yet, but I might get away with keeping it....

Anyway! Conferences are great for freebies. If you came to see Morgan and myself present at the Spirit of Adventure Play Conference, you should have had a Pop-Up Adventure Play sticker as a freebie from us! If you came to see us and didn't get one, get in touch, and I'll send you one pronto! Hahaha. Free stuff makes me happy! Woooo! :) Hoorah for conferences and free stuff! :)


  1. Mix the whiskey with cold tea and use to soak sultanas etc for a fruit cake - all the alcohol will cook out but it'll be very tasty and moist :D

    1. Oooh, that sounds pretty yummy! I did wonder how I would bake with it. I also thought it might make a really cute housewarming gift? Any more recipes out there that could include my mini whiskey? :)


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