Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Very Happy Day :)

My lovely friend Andy and I went into uni today to hand in our last piece of work. Last piece of work. Ever. (For this degree ;) ) Here it is!

Doesn't it look kinda awesome? Five essays (5000 words) and 3 videos of awesome!

Andy, Andy, Mek, Saf and I decided that we would write about "The Future of Play" for our final piece of work. It was really quite a challenge, but with the 5 of us working together, it really wasn't too bad! I like the final product, I really enjoyed the process. Maybe I'll talk more about it if we get a decent mark! :)

It took around 3 months to complete this project, but we weren't able to dedicate all our efforts into it because we had to write our dissertation too! And then I got sick and it went all stupid. When we finally put the DVDs into the final printed copy today, it felt awesome. The greatest part of my day today was this summary from Andy:

"We've handed in, made future plans and inadvertently met the Dean, all in an hour - Happy Hour?"

It's so true! Once I handed my work in, I had a moment of hesitation: what do I do now? This was quickly taken over by "I'VE FINISHED MY DEGREE!!" and then a happy dance. It was a good day.


I got free ice cream. This is free ice cream with a free ice cream shovel. This made my day even better.

I will talk more about the ice cream later tomorrow with my usual Freebie Friday post. But you have no idea how chuffed I was. I did another happy dance when the man gave me my ice cream and he laughed at me. It was definitely the-cherry-on-the-top moment of my day in Leeds.

I came home to more rain in Manchester, but it didn't dampen my mood! My beloved watch that I'd sent off to be repaired was delivered today and now my wrist is not naked anymore! Yay! :) And you know what? It's only half 4. There's got to be a lot more awesome left in the rest of the day:) 

Hoorah for happy things, hoorah for finishing the Playwork Bachelors degree course, hoorah for Andy, and hoorah for ice cream!!! It's been a wonderful day! :)

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