Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Long and Fruitful Day

I'm super tired at the moment, but I thought I'd share 3 photos with you before I go melt into my bed with a film. It's been a very full day - lots of fun and exciting (and intriguing) things have happened!

Today, my Dad and I woke up at 6am to do the first car boot sale of the year! We managed to raise an unexpected amount of money for Pop-Up Adventure Play UK and we are very happy! :)

Immediately after the boot sale, I went to church and then on my travels around Manchester, we stumbled across a Sikh funeral. It was a big deal, with lots of people joining the very slow procession. We think that this impressive float has the special person in it. It was a little bit sad, but also very exciting!

And when I mean we, I mean me and my friend Nadia, who went to visit Tracey and brand-new-fresh-to-the-world daughter. You may remember me throwing a baby shower for Tracey. That's Nadia holding little Isabelle. So cute! And so small! And it was great to see Nadia too - not seen her for ages!!

I finished up meeting with more people then going out for a meal with unlimited salad, and then admiring the sunset as I drove home. Very exciting stuff! :)

Now everything is done and my adventures have been had, I think I'm ready for a bit of rest. I'm going to sleep soundly tonight! :) Wooo! :)

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