Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Natural Rainbow

For the first time in ages it was warm today. So warm that I decided it wasn't worth having a pyjama day! I just grabbed my camera and went outside. It was so lovely, and the flowers that have managed to survive the last 2 weeks of torrential rainfall and gales looked so pretty! So then I realised I could take loads of pictures of a multitude of colours and see if I can create a rainbow.

After lots of clicking and some vigorous cropping, copying and pasting, here is the end result:

And here it is a little bigger and vertical just so you can look at it in detail:

This mini project has made me very happy. Especially because I love rainbows so much. There are sooo many colours around us, sometimes we just don't notice. Today I spent a lot of time appreciating all the little colourful things in and around where I live and it made me smile. Hoorah for photos, rainbows and projects! Woohoo! :)

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