Monday, 28 May 2012

Of Blogs and Bread :)

My lovely friend and colleague Morgan has just set up the Playwork Bloggers Network. The idea behind it is that people who blog about playwork can come together and share their experiences through their blogs to enhance their own reflective practice, and the reflective practice of others. I think it's a fantabulous idea! Especially when Morgan gave me this introduction:
Suzanna blogs on such diverse topics as photography, crafting, making brioche and - yes! - playwork. More than that, she documents a playful approach to life, as well as the many aspects of playwork which she is involved in. A student of Fraser Brown's at Leeds Metropolitan, AND a co-founder of Pop-Up Adventure Play, Suzanna is a very busy lady who still finds the time to take care of her own needs for play in a bright and joyful way.
I was a little take-a-back I must say. Such lovely words! When Morgan first asked me if I wanted to be part of this network, I wasn't so sure that what I wrote fit into the category of being playwork blog. I don't always blog about playwork, but my intentions for the blog was to discuss everyday play from my own experiences. I think my blog is about how I live a playful life and I want to share with everyone how easy it is to take a few minutes of your day to play. It's more like playwork in action, I guess, and how playwork is a lifestyle rather than just a job. So I suppose in a roundabout way, I am a playwork blogger!

Anyway when you get the chance, please go and click the like button the Playwork Bloggers Network facebook page! There are super awesome cool people there, who talk about play-related things! Go see! Are there enough links yet? Hahaha! :)

On to a less wordy subject, here is my baking for the day!

I did bread rolls today and had some with my tea. They were awesome! The rest of them I will be taking to Bradford tomorrow to share with my Working Together Group tomorrow! Yay! :)

Did I mention that I hadn't quite finished my uni course yet? All of the other students on the course have done all their work, but because I was sick I got an extension (thankfully) but it's delayed things a little. Annoying, but also awesome. I get to spend a little more time with some very nice group members :) And tomorrow we get to have a little picnic! :) Wooo! :)

Hoorah for blogs, hoorah for bread, hoorah for Andy Andy & Co! :)

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  1. Oh honeybun! You should have seen my first draft!

    "Suzanna is an extraordinary human being, a triumph of carbon-based lifeform who continues to lead us through empathetic warmth and inspiration! Her talents are multifaceted, as are her charms..."

    It went on, but I thought it would only make the others jealous.



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