Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out Of Action

For years now I have had random, and very sudden intense pain in my diaphragm/tummy area. I've always just waved it off as indigestion, or gas, or allergies or something or other. But recently it got so bad that I knew that I couldn't ignore it any more. For one thing, I'd lost so much weight that I couldn't find clothes to fit any more. Now I've always wanted to be thinner, but this was bordering on ridiculous! Most of all, I cannot describe to you how painful it was.

Sadly, on Saturday I couldn't wait any longer and my Dad had to rush me into A&E. I have been in varying states of consciousness in ward B3 of my local hospital until about an hour ago. Now I'm home, sitting in comfort, and a tiny bit confused about the world outside. Having not left the hospital for a while, I was beginning to think that being outside was a figment of my imagination!

For the squeamish amongst you, don't look at the third of the next series of photos, but of course, I took some photos whilst I was in hospital! I had plenty of time to amuse myself with silly little things.

Here are the pills I took every morning. There are 6 here. Wait, I think there were 7.

Here are the crazy socks I had to wear all the time apart from half an hour break every day. They were silly and had a hole at the bottom.

Avert your gaze if you don't like squishy inside things!!!!

And it is the sucker that has been causing me sooo much pain! A gall stone! This was the big one - I had 2! They took a photo of it for me before they took it out. My dad says it looks like toffee covered popcorn. Morgan said it looked like cauliflower.

Soooo! After being out of action for 5 days in hospital with lot of pain, and going through CSI-type sleuthing the doctors finally worked out that I have gall stones! Gall stones which were on the move too and had been for a few years, causing major unhappiness to the rest of my organs which is why I've had trouble eating, digesting, and keeping my weight. It's all fine though - the gall stones are out, and I'm being booked in to remove the rock formation factory (gall bladder) and everything will be fine!

Now to rest up, catch up with work, and plan for the next operation! Wooo! :) The main thing is that I'm home, I'm okay, and I'm back in action. Tomorrow :) Hoorah for problem solving, and hoorah for useful solutions! :)


  1. Take care of yourself ar!
    I'm sure you are looked after very well by your family. Nothing like the care and love of home.
    Wai Wai Wai x

  2. Get better soon.. Drink lots of water. Don't neglect your health Zan x


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