Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Two More Productions

Andy Andy & Co are my university group. We got together because we had a crazy project to do called Working Together. I absolutely love each one of my lovely group members. They are awesome! We have Mekitilda who is just hilarious, Saffia who's absolutely lovely, Andy Holmes who's just Andy Holmes, and Andy Hinchcliffe who's been my rock. I really want to thank them all for being awesome.

I briefly mentioned my group a couple of weeks back when we first started video production, and yesterday we did a final push to finish off our work. Here are some of our failed moments of our day yesterday:

This is my hand. It was getting late on in the day and I was getting confused.

The wig for this stick man was rejected because, well, it looked odd.

Now for those of you on the course who might be wondering why our group is still doing uni work, you might have missed my post about my gall stones. Nice as it might be that we got an extension, I really wished that we had got this finished on time with everyone else. Sigh. Ah well, almost done now. I'm just putting the videos together so we can hand this all in tomorrow!

And will I share the videos with you all one day? I don't know yet. We'll have to see. They're a bit too awesome to be just shared for free :)

Anyway, hoorah for videos, hoorah for group work, and hoorah for Andy Andy & Co :)

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