Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Visit to Wyke Children's Center

I went to visit my lovely friend and coursemate Andy yesterday at his work in Wyke. It's just on the outskirts of Bradford and it's a very well thought out centre with lots of activities and services targetted towards different age groups and needs. Why was I there? Well, despite my dissertation being handed in and all I still have 3 essays and a presentation to do, and while this feels like nothing compared to 10k words, it is a group project. So me and my group trooped over to Andy's work and took over the computer suite to do some wonderful Google doc-ing.

But this was not why I wanted to go to Wyke Children's Centre. I totally wanted to go look around! Andy is a playworker just like me and I knew that a service ran by him would be pretty awesome!

First of all, I would like to point out that they have some awesome signs here!

They have a lovely fire pit, with log seating around it.

Lots of pallets and junk to use for play.

Some tubes installed into the ground to hide and play in secret.

They have a boat next to the zip wire. Of course they do. And I remember when Andy told us he went to get this boat as well!

Under a beautiful cherry blossom, there is a tyre swing! :)

And here's an artist photo through one of the tubes.

I really enjoyed looked around the Children's Centre in Wyke. It was really well thought out, especially the playful Fun Care part of it. It as quite small, but kinda reminded me of the adventure playgrounds I visited in Wrexham but a bit more low key. It is a children's centre after all, and Andy and his team have worked hard to ensure that risk and challenge is fully integrated without upsetting those who find safety of paramount importance. I loved it there and am secretly jealous that I haven't a place like that of my own!

I was soooo sad when I realised I had gone home without taking a photo of the chickens that have there! Next time!! Anyway, a big thank you to Andy and his boss for having us yesterday, and I look forward to visiting again! :) We had a lovely and very constructive day! Hoorah for Wyke Children's Centre, and hoorah for playworking friends! :)

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