Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Cake-Filled Void

Last night, my middle started to ache. It isn't painful, but it was enough to keep me sitting down for most of the day. It's almost as if my insides were mourning the loss of a friend who, by the way, is called Frank. I named him last night. Frank the gall bladder is being sorely missed. Or maybe my organs are fighting over who gets to own the new space. Who knows! All I know is that my gall bladder is gone so I must fill this space. And what better to fill it with than with cake. Mwhahahaha! :)

With a lot of help - with mostly mixing and carrying our ridiculously heavy mixing bowl - I made fairy cakes AND cake pops. The fairy cakes did not survive long enough to have a photo taken. I didn't eat them all (I promise) because we had guests round who all had one each. They were delicious. And here are the cake pops :)

There are MANY. And I will try my best not to eat them all eventhough they are delicious.

The baking has started so I must feel better. I'm getting a little bored though so any suggestions for what to do are very welcome. I think I've watched all the tv in the world, and that can't possibly be the only way to pass time when you're bound to a chair. Thoughts?

Hoorah for cake and hoorah for feeling much better! 

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  1. Wii or other video games, board games with friends, long-winded discussions about the meaning of life. Just a few suggestions :-)


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