Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

The weather has been extraordinary. There have been big angry black clouds in the sky all day, giving us the odd threatening shower with a promise of more. The forecast says storms ahead. The general public are sat around in t-shirts basking in the dying sun, waiting for the thunder to arrive. It's hot, but you can smell the rain coming.

It's been a rough day. We said goodbye to our piano teacher who's body was alas too weak to cope with all the mean illnesses that had found her. That was super sad. Between the lot of us at home here, none of us are fighting fit. Bad back, redislocatable shoulders, unhealed wounds and sprained wrists. And of course, there's Uncle who today has taken a bad turn. Not sure what to do with all the emotion. I think for now, storing it is the best idea, otherwise we won't be able to prepare for everything else.

So my chosen method for emotional release? Baking! I did something quick and simple today:

Just a small batch of cranberry and almond flapjacks. Delicious!

I think when it comes down to it, we just have to support eachother. We could all just be sad and emotional, but we have to try and find humour in it. The turning point was when my brother and I had to work together in order to fill the kettle - I couldn't lift the weight due to surgery, but he could only hold the kettle with his remaining undislocated arm. So what happens? We work together. And we learn to focus on our strengths instead of our weaknesses. 

I think this is the same for any working team - you suss out what you're good at and then find a way of highlighting those awesome points. Individually, the members of my family might be a tiny bit broken, but together, we can see it through and be awesome in the process. The storm is about to arrive, but we know we can deal with it as a family.

A big hoorah for my family -it's gonna be rough, but it's all going to be okay :)

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  1. Praying and thinking of your uncle and well done for being brave Zan. I know its tough but praise God for your family...that's what I learnt too. Much love! X


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