Friday, 29 June 2012

Cherry Stone Pie Roses

To the accompaniment of the open air Stone Roses concert that's going on right now, my brother spent the day making cherry pie! Who needs tickets when all you need to do with live next to a music venue? :D Where you can make pie and listen to music at the same time! :)

Those are my brother's hands, looking like he's just murdered someone. We had sooo many cherries at home, it seemed logical that our pies would be filled with them too! Who woulda thought they would be sooo messy? Anyway, I made the big pie, and Clem made the smaller two.

Here they are, fresh out of the oven - yes, that is a Pi pie. It's what happens when you bake with a geek. There's also a ZanPie and a Clem/Fiona pie. :)

I had lots of fun baking with my brother. The pie themselves were a little bit on the, erm, crunchy side, but it was fun to make and my pastry was easily yummier. Clem gets all credit for the prettier pies though. 

Hoorah for baking and hoorah for Clem!

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