Sunday, 24 June 2012


My friend Shazia came round to make cakepops with me the other day. She'd seen and heard about this cakey creation and wanted to have a go, so we got stuck in!

We had lots of fun, making up our own designs and getting to grips with the candy coating which is harder to manipulate than you think it is! :) Hahaa. And well done for trying the star shaped one! :)

I've known my friend Shazia since I was in college, which has been about 10 years now. We used to call her Chip (long story) so I christen this batch of cakepops ChipPops! Hahahaa. I think it's pretty cool! Shazia left me house full of smiles and with a whole bag of her very own ChipPops. I really hope she didn't eat them all that evening! Hahaa!

It was lovely to spend some time with Shazia. We live busy lives now, but I'm just very glad that we occasionally make time for eachother and spend it having fun! :) Hoorah for Shazia, and hoorah for cakepops! :)

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