Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Jubilee Day in Pictures

A Pop-Up Adventure Play 6am fund raising car boot sale!

Buntings, buntings everywhere! Ready for the street party!

Children and Zan in a box

There is SO much food! Let us eat!

Hungry neighbours!

Flag waving box-man!

Playing out her day.

A delivery of tea - complete with teapot and mugs! So wonderfully British!

My family at the street party!

Spontaneous dancing!

Zan! Happy! Sign!

Post-party barbecue awesomeness! :)

I had a fantastical day! There were full on magical moments, and eventhough I was super tired, I loved every minute of it! Hoorah for car boot sales, street parties, barbecues, (and Dad - who was at all three! :) ) and hoorah for friends, families and neighbours! :)

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