Wednesday, 20 June 2012

DIY Postcard Book

I've been curious about Washi Tape for a few weeks now. It seems like a marvellous invention, and good for simple, time saving crafy ideas. It's a little bit on the expensive side, this tape stuff, and being a little poor at the moment I've been a little lost. What to do? I knew there must have been a solution. And there was! Sticky ribbon! Just as effective if not as pretty, but it does the job! I had a load left over from a project that was completed many moons ago. Inspired by projects seen on A Beautiful Mess and How About Orange, I gathered up some old and random free postcards I'd collected over the years and made this:

A postcard book!

I used the sticky ribbon to seal the edges of the postcards to connect the pages together.

Sometimes I just used little strips of the ribbon across the join for a different effect.

Close up, it looks really nice and seems very secure!

I sealed the whole book by running short lengths of tape from the front to the back, binding all of the pages together to make a nice spine for my little book.

I think this was a really cool, really quick little project. I might make a few more because it was really satisfying to do. I'm planning on giving it as a gift so people can stick ticket stubs in, or use it as a scrapbook, or anything really. I also think that a good variation of this would be to be use actual postcards received from other people. I have LOADS of those. I think this was an awesome project, especially the spine!

Hoorah for rediscovering crafy items, and making new stuff from old things! :)

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