Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Feast for the Tummy!

Now that I'm supposed to be fixed and all, I decided to celebrate with a delicious treat. And when I say celebrate, it was punctuated with much caution, but I am totally chuffed that I am not hurting, even in the slightest!

I had two piece of chicken, a portion of fries, half a cup of pepsi and a sweetcorn, all with a side of gravy. I was beside myself with glee!

I know this doesn't look like anything special, but I can't explain to you enough how much of a relief it is to know that the food you've eaten won't have any painful consequence. Now I'll only get fat. Haha.

Before surgery, I was not allowed: 
  a) fatty foods including cheese, fried food, chocolate, chicken skin, bacon etc
  b) fizzy drinks, 
  c) caffeine

Now, all those worries are gone, and I can eat anything! Although I'm still sceptical (hence only half a cup of pepsi) I'm re-discovering all the foods I've previously avoided religiously. And it is awesome. :) It still hurts when I sneeze, but I thank God every day that I can enjoy the simple pleasure of eating again :) Hoorah for food! :)

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