Friday, 29 June 2012

Freebie Friday - creams, teas, and coca cola

I had an unexpected mass of freebies delivered to my house this week. It kinda highlighted just how heavily some companies relied on samples to grab the attention of consumers. And also how very often the same company makes the packaging that the free samples come in. The photo:

We have:
2 tea bags of different flavours
3 sachets of one type of anti wrinkle cream
14 sachets of another type of anti wrinkle cream
and a tiny bottle of coca cola - from the Olympic torch day!

It made me giggle how many sachets of anti wrinkle cream I got this week. I guess it's 14 days worth of sampling that they want us to try. My mum has happily taken the whole pile and the last I heard her mumble was about squeezing all the sachets into one little pot to use for a while. Interesting...

Another delivery of teabags got me thinking: I wonder how many I haven't drank yet....

There are 12 right here. And that's just because I haven't got round to drinking them yet. I seem to get lots of free teabags. I'm honestly not complaining!

Well, it's been another good week for free stuff for Zan! Might not have the chance to post up stuff next Friday because it's my brother's wedding, so in two weeks time there might be double the amount of freebies! Who knows! :)

Hoorah for freebies, and hoorah for teabags! :)

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