Friday, 22 June 2012

Freebie Friday - a great hoard!

This week just goes to show that being out and about gets you free stuff! A marked difference to last week where I didn't leave the house at all. Ready for the photo? Here we go:

This week, I managed to obtain:
A canvas bag
A packet of powdered superfruit
2 mints
three pens
a coaster
a supermarket trolley token thing
a kitkat chunky
a sample of purfume
and a nail file
Summary: 12 items of freeness!

I'm soooo happy about my hoard for the week! Now I have pens to use and more stuff to eat! I still very much love my free stuff, even if it's been a bit quiet for a few weeks. I should really credit the carnival I went to on Sunday for most of my collection, but I still received some good stuff through the post and out shopping! Woohooo! Hoorah for free stuff! :)

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