Friday, 1 June 2012

Freebie Friday - ice cream, water, and a bit of British love!

Until yesterday, thought it was going to be a quiet week for freebies, but as usual, companies the UK has outdone themselves for being generous and awesome:

Here is the tub of ice cream that I mentioned yesterday, which was consumed with much gusto on the train just minutes later. This photo was taken literally seconds after I was presented with it, and had done a happy dance. :)

Here we have:
A nicely designed British flag which I wandered around an entire shopping centre with
A bottle of water that I was allowed to just walk in and walk out of the supermarket with
And three shovels, who's sole purpose is for digging through ice cream :)

So there you go! Lots of fun free stuff and a very happy Zan :) Hoorah! :)

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