Monday, 11 June 2012

The Healing Process

In my crazed dreams in hospitals inbetween pained and drugged dreams, I have been thinking about lots of things. One of them I thought was kinda useful (and vaguely interesting to share, as opposed to deluded and confused). Just for funsies, my playworker brain got thinking about the nurse professional and ethical framework for practice. So I looked into the playworker standard practice framework, and swapped out the word "play" for "healing" (and similar hospital based words) into the Playwork Principles. Now number 3 reads very interestingly...

"The prime focus and essence of hospital wards is to support and facilitate the healing process and this should inform the development of healing policies, strategy and education."

I feel like this statement should be true, but is it? From spending a grand total of 7 days in a hospitals in the past month, I've noticed that there are some nurses who are genuinely there to care for the patients, but there are others who have lost their heart and soul to paperwork, in which case the policies, strategy and education is informing the practice instead of the other way round. There are too many adult agendas competing against eachother, so it's hard to gauge which one's better, or which one has the greatest priority. Is it the patients that are the most important? Or is it bureaucracy? Or is it doctors? Or is it health and safety?

For playworkers, making the children and the play process the priority, and developing strategies around play should take precedence. In every instance.

Let's see the original principle:

"The prime focus and essence of playwork is to support and facilitate the play process and this should inform the development of play policies, strategy and education."

I have spent some time rethinking this principle. It's a little confusing you see, especially for those who haven't heard about playwork before. I know it's difficult to pick apart a prestigious piece of work like the Playwork Principles, but as I did my dissertation, it became increasingly obvious that they needed looking at.

And when I was in the hospital I wondered whether the nurses had principles that were indeedily similar to that of the Playwork Principles. And whether they too wondered if they needed changing. Or updating. Or if they read them from time to time to remind them of the mission that they have been bestowed with as a professional, working for the benefit of others.

This photo was taken shortly after surgery. I was in lots of pain but still smiling. Haha. I had so many drugs in me, I was surprised I knew what was happening!

I'm on the mend. As you can see, my thoughts are becoming less confused and slightly more ordered. I've spent all day at home, moping around and walking off my pain. I've watched 3 films today. Hahaa. It's going well. :) I might try going outside tomorrow. We'll see. Woo!

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