Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's Better When It's Sunny

It don't hurt as much today. My middle is still sore though. I'm only just re-exploring the ability to laugh, cough, sneeze and blow my nose - all of the things I never knew you needed your middle for.

Because it's sunny today, things don't seem as bad though. Mum, Uncle and I went down to our local little village to get our lunch and the journey wasn't too taxing for my healing body. I even hung out in the garden for a bit:

In the next couple of days I reckon I'll try driving. And maybe even baking, although nothing strenuous that involves kneading because that was an effort when I was fully intact! I like this though. Progress! Very soon I will be out and about again! Beware! Not for a few days yet though. I gotta make sure I can laugh first so I can enjoy it properly! :) Hahahaa! :) Hoorah for healing! :) Wooo! :)

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