Saturday, 23 June 2012

My Little Bit of Olympic History :)

Today was super super exciting! I went to work for the first time in weeks and quickly came home to get ready to see the Olympic Torch Relay pass on the main road right outside my house. It was SO exciting!

Me, Dad and Clem, scouting out the best place to stand. With my little flag.

We saw soooo many people! They're all behind us.

Clem explores some new viewing platforms

Mum and Uncle came to join in the excitement.

People lined there streets - the atmosphere was intense and amazing!

The cyclist that leads the way. Followed by lots of sponsors. And then...

Look, there it comes!

Everyone's soooo excited!

My best shot of the torch and it's bearer that came right past my house!

Bye bye torch! I don't think I'll see you again in my lifetime!

Viewing platforms which were even higher than Clem's!

The buses were super delayed because of this - doesn't this look like a super long bus?

I had a super exciting time! Look at my face! Hahahaha.

This was an amazing experience. Considering what the weather was like yesterday, I didn't even think I'd get to see the torch without holding an umbrella! It worked out very well though, and we had a burst of sun just as the torch and its bearer came through my own town. There were sooo many people, and for the second time this month (read about the first time here) I have welled with pride to be part of my community. It feels nice to be part of something historical like this. I hope blogs will stick around so I can look back and say, yep, I was there. Olympic Torch Relay 2012. Hoorah for the local community, hoorah for the Olympics, and hoorah for the Torch! Woooo! :)

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