Saturday, 9 June 2012

Macaroon Themed Hen Party

My friend Helen is having her Hen Do today! In the States I believe they're called bachelorette parties. In the UK, that word is far too long. Anyway, it's at my house and unfortunately I won't be there. But I have made some preparations for the day - just some little touches to make things a tiny bit more special. Here is a little peek into what I got up to:

Paper macaroons!

Proper colour-coordinated accessories!

And of course, I couldn't help getting some balloons too! Courtesy of Forget Me Not! :)

And you know what? When you work with brightly coloured paper, even the messy unwanted bits of paper are quite pretty!

Look at those colours!

My best wishes to Helen for her Hen Do! I'm really sorry I couldn't be there, but I sure it will be awesome, and I look forward to seeing photos of delicious macaroons! Remember to save me one! :) Now, roll on the wedding! Wooohooo! :)

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  1. awww zan they are gorgeous and thanks for all the thoughts that has gone into the day! I loved the paper macaroons they brought happy colours to the table! Loved the little flags on the strawberries too ^^ Hope you have tried some of the macaroons that we have made and saved for u! get well soon xxx


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