Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Meep Meep!

Unlike the great Roadrunner in the Looney Toons, I'm not going anywhere fast at the moment. Everything I do takes time - this includes sitting up from the laying position, walking, coughing, doing the stairs, picking up stuff off the floor. When I blogged about taking it easy the other day, I didn't realise I'd have to be sooo veeery sloooow!

Successes of the day for me today:

1) getting dressed - I've been in PJs since Saturday
2) going outside - apart from a brief spell in the open on Sunday on my way home, I've not left the house
3) eating three meals - haven't really had a good appetite, but I think it's coming back

It's been lovely getting messages from friends and family over the past few days. I even got a bunch of flowers today which is extra lovely! My brother got all jealous - he said he's not had flowers yet and he's dislocated his arm at least 4 times. I told him people don't see it as painful or nasty if he keeps doing it. I, at least, only had one gall bladder, so a surgery of the same nature shouldn't happen again. And neither should the pain.

I realise that this photo shows me stood on a chair, but rest assured my dad was watching me like a hawk and was ready to catch me should I have fallen. I promise.

It's been an all round pleasant day. Tomorrow I hope will be less painful and more productive! We shall see. I'm getting there. I will be able to move at 100mph again very soon! Meep meep! :)

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