Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Party in the Papers :)

It's the first day back to work for everyone since the Jubilee celebrations and the newspapers have been covered in photos from street party celebrations. When I say covered, I mean, the newspaper companies have probably used more blue and red today than any other day, ever! And guess what? We got in the paper! TWICE! It's sooo exciting!

This one is my local paper, the Prestwich Advertiser. It has my name spelt right in it, stuff I may have said and everything! It's a full article too!!! :)

Here is the same photo but tinier in the Manchester Evening News. Still pretty awesome!

I'm mentioned in the MEN as well, just spelt slightly wrong...! :)

This is very exciting stuff! I'm totally chuffed!! :) Our street party in the paper! Woohoo! :) I think all the neighbours are happy too because I've been getting emails from them all day! :) Yaaay! :)

Shame they didn't get the words Pop-Up Adventure Play in there, but still - this is wonderful stuff! :)

Hoorah for newspapers, and hoorah for photos, and hoorah for the Jubilee! :)

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