Thursday, 21 June 2012

Photographic Memories

I forget stuff all the time, and very much envy the people who have in built photographic memories! To make up for that, I have taken photos at every opportunity. Here are some shots of stuff that I took but haven't remembered, until now!

This is in the back garden. It's definitely me, but I have no idea what I was doing.

A funny photo of my brother and my uncle picking fruit from the plum tree in the garden.

Fun graffiti I saw in Manchester once.

My friend Ricky, eating. I think I have a lot of photos of Ricky eating, or at eating situations. 

My sister and I found our flowergirl dresses from a wedding we took part in many many moons ago. They were long. We have also hardly grown since, as you can kinda tell....

This photo, I'm putting on facebook immediately - look at how young we were!

Anyway, not done much today apart from watch the rain. Am about to re-organise the mass of photos I have taken over years. I shall enjoy the happy memories and store them away in easier to access folders! Wooo! :)


  1. Hi zan. Pic #2 - is clem being eaten by that tree?


    1. Hahaa, he does indeedily look like he's being eaten by a tree but it's okay, Uncle's there to save the day! :)


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