Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I've been shopping around for a long time to find some accessories to go with the dress that I bought for my brother's wedding. It's not been as fruitful as I'd like to be honest, so I decided to go DIY and make my own! I found a necklace that went with it, but no suitable bracelets so I took a trip to the bead shop and bought myself some czech glass beads, elastic and I was all set.

Here is all the stuff I needed. I bought more than enough for the project for £8.

And here are the bracelets I made. I can wear one of them, or all of them! Can't decide yet!

Yay, they fit and everything! Simple and does the job! :)

Now, I'm not a super girly girl. In fact, I'm not girly at all, but I reckon this project was an easy one to do, and a compromise. I needed some jewellery, otherwise my wrist would have been naked, but I couldn't find anything that I liked, so I made my own! Hoorah! :) And this almost gives away nothing about my dress! I'm not trying to keep it a secret or anything, but should it not fit because of the operation I had a few weeks back, I don't want everyone to be disappointed when I turn up to the wedding in a different dress. So we wait! :)

I do like making stuff. I say this all the time, but it always makes me extra happy when the stuff I make is actually useful! Hoorah for successful projects! :)

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