Monday, 18 June 2012

Two Experiments :)

I have mentioned before that I love making stuff. Being completely house bound has meant that as soon as I could sit up, I was making stuff. Here's what I've been up to:

I'm sewing again, and yes it is the same fabric. It's what happens when you only buy two big bits of fabric that go together perfectly but only make small things. I'll end up with curtains made out of this stuff soon. This time's project I've been experimenting with magnets.

It's about time the cakepops got a travel-sized box. Completely handmade of course. And it's also about time that we tried them in the post.... hmm... not so confident about this one. Watch this space for the outcome of this experiment!

Today's ultimate test is to get me driving again. I think I should be alright for it now cos walking is fine. But I haven't driven for a week so it might be quite weird. We'll see. I like experiments :) Hoorah for trying new things, and yay for feeling better! :)

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