Sunday, 17 June 2012

Zan at the Carnival :)

This morning I woke up craving fresh air. I haven't left the house since Thursday and I was beginning to suspect mold growing somewhere in my hair. So very slowly, very carefully, I started walking. And guess where I ended up? At a carnival! It would have been about 10/15 minute walk from my house, but it took me almost 25 minutes to get there. Haha. I have to say, I spent a lot of my time scooting around the periphery of this event because I didn't have it in me to fight through the crowds, but it was certainly a fun event!

A happy looking man dressed in fun clothes holding some form of instrument and using his mobile phone.

The lovely people at Tea For Me gave me a free scone! Yay! :)

This lady gave me free cake. This made me very happy :)

Look at all the people! And their pets! And all those little gazebo things!

There was even live music. I can hear it from my house!

There was a fun fair too - I was particularly excited by the Carousel :)

The carnival was at a park. The playground was packed! Kinda.

And on the periphery, with me, were three children playing on their own, running around on the grass and watching from the sidelines. They prove that you don't need amusement parks and fixed play equipment to have fun! A bit of overgrown grass is just as good! This made me very happy :)

And what where they watching? A majorette competition! I've seen this type of sport before but I didn't know what it was called. And how entertaining it was. I watched this group's entire routine. It's like a cross between a marching band and cheer leading. With sticks.

I had quite a lot of fun, watching and photographing the carnival. Alas it was all a bit too much and I couldn't walk all the way home. I got a bit too tired and sore so my mum had to come and get me. Ah well. Further and faster next time! It was sunny, I've been outside, I got free cake so I'm very happy. Hoorah! Yay for carnivals :)

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