Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Mum's a Knitting Machine

Does anyone else know the kid's song "My mum's a knitting machine"? The words are as follows:

"My mum's a knitting machine, zum zum zum.
All she does is pull the lever and out the sweaters come.
Mine won't go over my head, Dad's is down to his knees
Please don't do any more knitting please mum please"

Hahaha. I was only reminded of this song today because my mum's been tidying her room and it turns out she's knitted a gazillion jumpers for herself and for my Dad.

Look at them all! If she ever gets facebook timeline, I'm gonna have to make this her cover page - it's pretty awesome!

These jumpers have all been knitted over the years. You can tell some of them were early on in the knitting craze because they're not as neat as others. It's like a little bit of history going through the years of mum's knitting skills! I wonder if she knows what order she did them in! She taught me to knit too, and I have to admit that I haven't knitted for a little while. The blanket I started in 2010 is still, well, unfinished. Booo!

In other news, we've been getting a little crop of blueberries in the back garden:

It's not a huge amount, but we get a handful every couple of days, which is really quite cool. Mum says they're pretty sweet too! Yay! :)

Yay! Mum things! And garden things! More from me tomorrow :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

Cake Thoughts

Today, I thought about cakes. I thought so much I decided to draw some. 

I like drawing - especially with a little black muji pen. I love those pens. I also like to colour in with pencils because felt tips are sooooo 8-year-old ;)

Hmm... those photos are mildly unsatisfactory. I shall have to take more photos in daylight!

Hoorah for drawing, and hoorah for cake! :)

*The Next Day in Daylight*

I knew it would be much better :)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Manchester Mini Maker Faire

Today, I popped into Museum of Science and Industry in Castlefield to have a nosey at the Manchester Mini Maker Faire. It's like a big interactive exhibition where people come to show off their inventions or new ideas for design and fun, and play, and making stuff. Here's what I found:

Fun lighting is always a big plus when you first enter the building.

Loook there's me and my big grin as part of an exhibition!

I found some sunflowers. I was very happy until I realised they were taller than me. 

This is a cool invention - a mobile phone and charging station for android phones!

I found a creeper at the miniature golf course!

Look at these tiny 3D models! They were printed using a machine. It was fascinating to watch!

This is the biggest Etch-A-Sketch I've ever seen!

A knitted lego brick!

A lamp made entirely out of recycled plastic bags!

Giant Kerplunk! So awesome!

What a lovely little visit to MOSI! :)

I had a nice little trip out today. The weather was a little undecided, but that's okay. I saw a steam train too, and had a little wander around Castlefield. The Faire itself was good, with lots of variety and something for everyone but I was left wanting more. The Mini Maker Faire has got me thinking - if this one has so much to offer, how much more does a proper Maker Faire have? I think I may have to go visit the one in New York.... watch this space! :)

Speaking of museums and play, did you know that Pop-Up Adventure Play is going to be at MOMA? That's the Museum of Modern Arts in New York City! Check out this link to find out more. You should totally go see, and say hi to Morgan and Sharon for me :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Let the Games Begin! :)

Yesterday, I proudly watched on as 50,000 people crowded into the Olympic Stadium in London and welcomed the Olympics to the UK. I couldn't help but well with pride knowing that I'm party of this wonderful country. The part where they lit the Olympic cauldron was arguably the best part of the whole ceremony, but noone can forget Mr Bean's appearance. It was a truly amazing experience, even on TV, so I expect all the people who were in the stadium were swept off their feet!

Anyway, here is my effort to support team GB in the Olympics:

Just a little collage :)

Let's see how well we do this time :) Hoorah for Team GB, hoorah for Great Britain, and hoorah for my country! :)

Oh, and here is the Olympic cauldron in case you missed it :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Freebie Friday - foods, drinks and creams

Hello hello! It's freebie time again and I was right last week for being excited about the potential freebie-ness in the oncoming weeks because this week I got LOTS of free stuff! Yay! :) Here's the pic:

This week's hoard has:
1 mini tube of face cream
3 sachets of BB Cream, (which is exactly like last week's but I'm not complaining)
2 sachets of another type of cream
3 sachets of other creams
a 4-pack of Squares which I got in the same way as the other 4-pack of squares I had one time
an oaty breakfast bar
3 teabags in a packet (haven't had any free tea for a while, was beginning to miss it!)
and a full sized carton of almond milk
In summary, that's 8 types of free stuff, and a total of 18 items, all purchase free! :)

I also got a slice of walnut bread and a little cube of cheese at my newly decorated tesco :)

This has been a spectacular week for free stuff. I'm very impressed and amused that it came all at once. I think there will be gift packages arriving on doorsteps soon, filled to the brim with freebies! :) I'm pretty chuffed to be honest :)

In vaguely related news, I opened a Freebie Fridays page on my blog, which showcases all of the main freebies I have obtained. It's an impressive collection, go see for yourself! :)

Hoorah for freebies! :)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Celebrations: Older and Wiser :)

It was my birthday today, to add to the spectacular delights of my day, I had to wake up super early for my graduation! Here are some of the highlights of my day:

Excitement :)

Some of my favourite people in the world.

More excitement.

This is Andy, Andy and Zan. This is currently my most favourite photo, in the world :)

A wonderful birthday present.

Another wonderful birthday present.

And this is the oddest birthday cake, ever! :)

I had a lovely day today and I'm really really happy! It was full of friends and family, and everyone was wishing me well for something I've done well in for a change :) I've had a gazillion messages today for both my graduation and my birthday, and have been trying to reply back individually to everyone, but if I've missed anyone I'm truly sorry! A huge thank you to everyone for their lovely messages! :) You are all a blessing to me :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Trip to the Seaside

My friends Lee and Shazia took me to Blackpool today for some pre-birthday fun! :) Here's what we got up to:

I had chips, gravy and mushy peas by the sea :)

Here is Shazia, Lee and me :)

Look, the big ferris wheel :)

Blackpool can look so pretty :)

Me and Shazia, hanging out :)

Lee and Shazia at the beginning of the Waltzers ride...

...Lee and Shazia, possibly not enjoying it as much as they were before...

They won me a doughnut! :)

Fun art sculptures near Blackpool tower.

A delicious doughnut, just for me :)

I had a lovely trip to the seaside today - it was nice to get away and relax. The sea is so calming somehow, and I had some wonderful company. I really enjoyed myself this evening. Hoorah for Lee and Shazia! :)

Monday, 23 July 2012

Celebrating Uncle's Life

Today we celebrated the life of my Uncle and put his body to rest in the grave right next to his Mum. Here is a selection of photos that continue to celebrate his happy happy life:

You got to ride in a super big car today and sooo many people came to show their respect to you, Uncle. You're everyone's Uncle and you'll always be mine. See you soon! :)

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Recently, I've been thinking about unspoken thoughts. The things that sometimes we would rather not say out loud, but would be alright with typing, or texting, or even just going through the motions of, but not speak. Then it's like a whisper, something that's not solid or properly formed, but there is a suggestion of it existing. Sometimes I also don't want to say stuff aloud in case I scare it away, or in case the opposite should happen.

Today, well, this is today:

*I love the sun, I wish it was here more often*
*I like snow and Christmas so much I'd have it all year round*
*I think that summer has finally come*

Hidden within the thoughts of this photo are also the whispers:
*I want so badly to go on an adventure*
*I like that I am who I am*

I don't know why I don't want to say these things out loud right now. Maybe it's a bad time? Maybe I'm not ready? Maybe I just don't want to. Whatever the reason, those are my thoughts right now. And here is my face, and tea :)


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Videos and Such

Next Thursday, I will be graduating! I'm very excited! I'm also super eager to show my love to some of my fellow classmates that I spent 2 years with so I've been making gifts! :) Here is a hint to the final product:

Recognise the style? It's continuing a style of work my Working Together group and I set as a president for our project. 

I'd also like to talk about my Working Together project a little bit. Remember I was super unsure about sharing the videos because I didn't know whether it would get a good mark or not? Well, I have recently found out that the mark we got has never been given before on our course. Now I don't know what that means in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me super chuffed! All the work we put into it actually paid off. I'm SO excited about how we're going to develop our work in the future.

So will I show you the videos? Maybe. I also hear that Kickstarter might be launching in the UK, in which case I might be kick starting my very own project to take these little videos to a higher level. With a little help from my friends :)

And why am I linking in graduation with our little videos? Well, you'll have to wait to find out! :) Oh the suspense! :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Freebie Friday - food, cosmetics and washing stuff

I've missed 2 weeks of freebie fridays so this week there seems to be so much more than usual. And they're substantial freebies too! Look!

What we have here is:
A packet of crisps
A full size tub of Birds custard powder
2 washing powder sheets (a new way to wash apparently)
A 5-pack of cake bars (a 5-pack!)
A packet of granola mix
3 thingies of youth encouragement cream
and 3 thingies of BB cream (tiny bit over-exposed there, my apologies)

I'm SO chuffed that everything there was free! It makes me feel so chuffed to walk into a supermarket and need to pay nothing. There's a vague sense of awesome there.

On the subject of walking, I was wandering around Manchester city centre with my parents today and got myself some free potatoes!

They were delicious, cooked with peppers, tomatoes and a little chorizo! Nom nom nom! I also got the free recipe guide too! :)

I'm optimistic about what the next week will bring for me and my freebie stash. I might have to start giving stuff away soon though - I'm running out of space to store it! Or I could just invite a friend around to drink tea and eat chocolate. Can't be a bad idea :) Hoorah for freebies! :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Free Ranging Signs :)

I seem to have collected a selection of photographs that show a variety of signs that I really really like. I just wanted to collate them in such a way that you could all appreciate them, and help me look out for more.

First up, two signs from Yorkshire Dales Ice Cream Farmhouse: A while ago, I went on an adventure with my lovely friend Morgan to this farm where we saw some great signs:

I actually stopped traffic to take a photo of this.

Of course, this sign is there in case you don't see children swinging from the wooden beams.

It seemed marvellous that although the farm didn't have to prioritise children at all, it was going to make full sure that everyone was aware that they could potentially be poking around somewhere.

Next up, Wyke Community and Children's Centre: My friend Andy works here, and he showed me around a couple of months back. He, along with a lot of other child-led play areas, has a sign in his playground that makes me very happy too. You can buy one to adorn your playful site!

There are at least two of these signs at Andy's work. They're definitely there to remind adults what the space is there for, because the children already know what to do with it.

Next, a farm near Scout Moor: Having been over-hill, under-hill and around in circles, my parents and I wanted to buy some free range eggs for our tea, so I went to visit some local farms to see if the chickens had any goods for us. Very happily, we found another awesome sign!

I like that it's MAKING YOU AWARE and ever so serious. And then, almost politely apologising for being so angry.

I've spotted another couple of really good signs recently that aren't necessarily to do with play or anything, but have made me giggle lots. You may remember this warning sign from a couple of days ago:

The owner of the antique place looked at me oddly as I chuckled away to myself whilst taking this photo.

Whilst looking for someone to sell us some eggs yesterday, I was warned about other things too:

The hamster in my house does nothing for my protection, but this farm had SO MANY chickens, they really could have been the security system! I think that Andy will be suitably impressed by this sign :)

I'm totally going to keep my eye out for more signs from now on, play-related or just a bit silly. If anyone has any awesome signs in the same genre, please forward them my way! :) Hoorah! :)