Saturday, 7 July 2012

5 days in 12 pics

It's been a crazy few days so I thought I'd better document some of it. Funny thing is, all I want to do is share all the wedding photos with you but it seems a little unfair that everyone else gets to see the photos before Clem and Fiona do. So to ease my button pressing fingers, I decided to share a series of photos highlighting what I got up to in the last 5 days. Ready?

Very aged, very cool day changing device - antiquing with the Godfather in Haslingden on Tuesday afternoon.

Saying hello to the happy couple - in Loughborough on Wednesday afternoon.

We have swans! The view from our hotel room - in Leicester on Wednesday evening.

Poking around the reception venue - Beaumanor Hall on Thursday afternoon.

Mum's happy flower arranging helpers with their finished product - Woodhouse Eaves Evangelical Baptist Church on Thursday afternoon.

100 cakepops in progress - at the hotel in Leicester on Thursday evening.

It's almost time! Everyone's getting seated at the church - through a fisheye on Friday afternoon.

Signing the official documents just after the ceremony. The bride and groom! - in a secret room at the back of the church on Friday afternoon.

Getting in the silly group pictures with the bridesmaids and groomsmen - at the church on Friday afternoon.

Being silly with my church people. I totally made this photo what it is. Hahahaa - at the reception on Friday evening.

Doing my first duty as big sister and having my cup of tea from my new sister-in-law! - at the reception on Friday evening.

Antiquing and sightseeing with the Godfather on the way home to Manchester - in the middle of nowhere, near Nantwich on Saturday afternoon.

I'm absolutely shattered but I've had lots of fun! I like a good wedding and a good adventure and I got both! Hoorah! More wedding photos to come in a few days time, so enjoy these for now and we'll show the world once I show the newly weds! Woooo! :) I think it's time for a good long sleep :)

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