Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Visit to the Windmills

I needed to get outside today, so I invited my parents to accompany me up to Scout Moor to look at the wind turbines that overlook Rochdale and Manchester. I've always told them that they were huge, but I haven't been able to explain to them just how big. So what better way than to discover it for themselves! :)

The windmills are much further away than they looked. My parents are only just beginning to realise this as they walk up to it.

Dad, pausing to wait for me to catch up.

If you squint and look near the bottom of that windmill, there's my mum!

We made it! It's so big!

Look at me! Super chuffed as per usual! :)

Hello sheeps! And hello atmospheric clouds!

I like the wind turbines - their presence makes me realise just how much bigger God is, and how he's awesome :)

I've been up to the wind turbines a few times, but this occasion was important. I know that there's a lot of research about how contact with nature can help with healing, and how children who play outside are able to learn more. I really feel like I have learned something today, and somehow I am more relaxed coming home from an afternoon of wind and walking. I hope that my parents too had a moment of reflection today, up on the hills, and were able to allow healing to start happening.

I really enjoyed myself today, and I hope to be doing a lot more of this from now on :) Hoorah for being outside, and hoorah for wind turbines! :)

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