Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Adventures in Patterns

Day 4 of antiquing has taken us to a previously unvisited place in Levenshulme. The building was stunning and had lots of lovely tiles inside, creating textures that were amazing to look at and touch. So much time must have been put into it! Anyway, the whole place give up loads of patterns which I thought would be nice to photograph:

Soooo much fun right? I was pretty pleased, especially with the super bright purple one!

I also took a photo of myself which I thought was quite funny, and quite appropriate on the run up to my birthday:

There is an "s" in that word, I promise, and I'm not just calling myself a relic. Although I have to say, aching bones every morning definitely reminds me of how I'm not getting any younger! Haha!

Anyway, so another fun day of poking around old places! The Godfather leaves on Saturday so there may still be a few more antique pics on the way! :) Haha!

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