Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Can't Cook, Can Bake

I volunteered to make tea tonight. By tea, I mean the evening meal at home. Now, I'm not really a very good chef - no chance to practice etc etc - so I decided to enhance our otherwise mediocre evening meal with a homemade loaf! Here it is! :)

My ZanBread before baking, ready with it's Z!

And here it is after baking! It was so nice and brown and smelt delicious!

Here's the meal I prepared! There's ZanBread, a roast chicken, roast potatoes, roasted multicoloured peppers, a fresh salad, and boiled potatoes from the garden! 

And here is the Godfather, slicing up the bread! NOM NOM NOM.

I love baking bread. It's amazing! I think it's gonna be my party piece. I can't cook exciting foods, but I can bake accompanying bread! It's mostly gone now because of it's soft white inside, and crisp lovely crust. I might have to eat the rest for breakfast tomorrow. And then I should probably bake another loaf! Hahaha. Hoorah for freshly baked bread! :)

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