Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I received a freebie in the post a few days ago that had a doodle-able postcard on it. Upon doodling and posting on facebook I should hopefully get more freebies! Hahaa. This doodle-able postcard was special though because it involved me in it. Here's what I mean:

The postcard only had the person printed on it. I drew that loose parts play rocket!!

Now, this postcard got me thinking. It's a wonderful idea to incorporate myself into my artwork, but my face looks ridiculous and huge against a postcard... so how do I do this but better? A lightbulb switched on in my head and... well...

This is more like it! Zan with fake hair, and garden themed adornments. So much fun and some good drawing there. And colouring. Any excuse to get out the colouring pencils!

The day has been a little stressful, but this little bit of creativity has helped to work out some of those muddy puddles of thought in my head. While still a little cloudly up there, at least I'm not as emotional. And I had a little play too. Hoorah for art, interactiveness, and play! :)

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